The magic of movement

Babies need to be active; this encourages essential learning and development.

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Babies are always moving around, from wriggling on the changing matt, to rolling, crawling and eventually walking. Research has shown that babies can move between 1km and 3 km in a single day! This movement is vitally important to the development of your little one.
Visual perception
Babies are stimulated by sensory information in their environment and want to explore the world around them through touch, taste, smell and visual stimulation. As they explore and move, they are building the visual perception skills that will be needed when they start school. So it is vital to encourage movement.
Visual perception is all about brain processing: what you see, making sense of it and then responding with adequate action and movement. Movement facilitates babies’ awareness and their orientation in space. Moving and playing indoors and outdoors will help babies learn how to focus, track moving objects and locate objects in the environment, boosting their visual perceptual skills. When children start going to school, their orientation in space, and hand-eye coordination becomes the foundation for learning how to read and write.
Encouraging movement
Providing a sensory stimulating environment at home encourages babies to explore using touch, taste, smell and vision. Use toys that have different textures, colour, lights and are of varying height. Schedule floor play time and tummy time to encourage free play and movement. Here’s how to do it:
  • Place your baby on the floor in an open area with all his sensory stimulating toys scattered around him to facilitate reach and pursuit. You can even place a large mirror in front of your baby where he will see his own reflection and movements.
  • During free play, it is important that you provide manual handling and guidance of movement. So during tummy time, encourage the lifting of his head for strengthening the neck and shoulder muscles, by dangling a toy object slightly above his head. Your baby will lift his head and attempt to bear the weight on his arms.
  • You can also stimulate rolling by manually rolling your baby from lying on his stomach to lying on the side with a swinging action. This integrates memory of movement and builds postural control.
To encourage your baby’s movement, you also need to make sure that he is comfortable. You can do this by choosing the right nappy and fit for them; a nappy like Huggies Pants or Huggies Gold. Huggies Pants has an all-round soft and stretchy waistband. This nappy also has the double leg elastics, which gently surround and hug baby’s legs for a secure fit to prevent any leaks. Huggies Gold nappies, with their stretchy waistband and stretchy fasteners, provide a snug and comfy fit. This nappy also has a DryTouch liner that can absorb wetness in seconds for ultimate skin protection. These qualities in a nappy not only ensure comfort for your baby but freedom of movement as well.
A moving baby, is a happy and developing baby. Parents need to make sure that they do all they can to ensure that their little ones are comfortable enough to explore and experience different things. By doing so, they are sure to master their gross body movements, and achieve their developmental milestones.
About Huggies
Huggies is known for providing a range of nappies for every stage of a baby’s life. From the very first moment up until the last time they wear a nappy. The range consists of Huggies Preemies, Huggies My First Nappy, Huggies New Baby, Huggies Gold for Boys and Girls, Huggies Dry Comfort, Huggies Pants for Boys and Girls and Huggies Little Swimmers. They also offer a range of wipes - Huggies Newborn, Huggies Natural Care, and now Disney Huggies wipes. Huggies is part of Kimberly-Clark South Africa, a subsidiary of the US-based Kimberly-Clark Corporation which market innovative health and hygiene products that people come into contact with every day.

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