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Danone and Disney give us some good ideas for lunches, supplied by Marlinie Kotiah, dietitian and science manager at Danone South Africa.
Mid-morning snack
Pack fresh fruit, such as a fresh apple with peanut butter or fresh fruit and a Disney Yo-Jelly.
Lunchtime options
Make a sandwich combo with two slices of bread spread with two teaspoons of fat spread, topped with cold meats and salad of choice. Add sliced carrot sticks and a 100g Disney yoghurt on the side.
A quick lunch can include a small potato topped with 125ml baked beans and ¼ sliced avocado.
Another sandwich combo includes two slices bread spread with cheese and chutney. Place this under grill until hot and the cheese has melted. (To pack in a lunchbox, allow to cool then wrap in tinfoil.) Serve with cherry tomatoes.
Serve country vegetable soup with a wholewheat roll. Add a fruit salad on the side, made with chopped fruit of your choice.
Fill a wholewheat bread roll with meat strips, shredded lettuce, chopped tomato, cucumber, grated carrot and low-oil mayonnaise.
For pasta salad, mix together cooked pasta, shredded chicken fillet and tinned corn, drizzled with salad dressing. Serve with sliced tomato and cucumber.
To make a quick chicken salad, add grilled chicken strips to a garden salad (lettuce, tomato, onion and cucumber) and drizzle with salad dressing. Serve with sliced fruit and a Disney yoghurt.
Afternoon snacks
Some options include sliced canned pears with 125ml custard, Disney Yo-Jelly, Disney Yoghurt, Provitas with cheese and a glass of milk, chopped vegetables of your choice and dip, or a fresh fruit.
Download the full Danone meal plan here.

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