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I live in an apartment complex inhabited by a number of families. Every now and then I hear a baby crying at night, which brings back distant memories of that particular parental challenge. So glad that’s in the past. And I often see young children from different apartments playing hide-and-seek in the courtyard or other games that don’t break windows. Of course, that also brings back plenty of memories, especially those of when I got to play all sorts of silly games with my child. How time flies.
One day, there was a knock on my door. As my complex is access controlled, it had to be a neighbour. When I opened the door, I was a little surprised and a bit bemused to see two children who both spoke at the same time, inviting me to please come and buy some lemonade from their stand in the courtyard. How much? I asked. Two rand, they both said, each holding two fingers in the air in case I wasn’t quite sure how many rands that was. Wow, that’s very cheap, I told them. But I was in the middle of something, so I donated two rand to their worthy cause instead. They seemed happy with that deal and they headed off to find more prospective customers.
On another day, I was walking through the courtyard to get to my apartment, and who should be selling lemonade again? You guessed it, the same little entrepreneurs who knocked on my door. The price had shot up from two rand to five rand for a tiny cup of sweet cool drink, but I told them it was a terrific bargain and I wished them every success after forking out my shiny coin and downing the beverage.
These are tomorrow’s business leaders. Possibly. I do hope they make a good go of it.

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