How To Get Your Kids To Drink More Water

Little people are the light of our lives. But how do we get them to drink more water?
By Child Magazine

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Little people are the light of our lives. But how do we get them to drink more water? A key part of maintaining a healthy body is to remain hydrated because it improves cognitive function, enhances energy levels and flushes toxins out of the system. Furthermore, a 2016 US study found that schools that provide access to drinking water see lower obesity rates in their children. So whether your kiddies like it or not, they’re going to have to learn to drink and love water.
Here are a few tips to help you get your little ones started.
Tip #1: Add Fruit
Get them excited about making their own water “cocktail” by adding in berries, pineapple and even cucumber to their glass of water. It helps them feel as if they’re in control of the process. “It’s my choice, ma!” and tastes great too.
Tip #2: Bubble Up
If your kids love fizzy drinks, getting a carbonation machine at home might be the way to go. Just carbonate their water and tell them it’s fancy.
Tip #3: Connect The Dots
After your child has had that tall glass of water, ask them how they feel. Connect the dots. Discussing how drinking lots of water leads to feeling refreshed, energised and alert can have a massive impact. If they start to learn that water makes them feel good and sugary drinks might not, they may start choosing healthier options by themselves.
Tip #4: Funky Ice Cubes
Another fun way to add an interesting distraction is to use a selection of novelty ice cubes to make the experience more empowering and entertaining.
Tip #5: Make A Water Chart
Many parents rely on “star charts” to motivate positive behaviours from their little ones. A water chart works the same way. Do a bit of homework to discern the ideal amount of water for your child’s age group and set them daily targets. If they make their water targets, spoil them with an experience rather than food treats like sweets. They need to learn that the reward for drinking water is feeling good - rewarding them with sugar will only create other troublesome associations in the long-term.
Remember, drinking lots of water is only one part of being healthy. Eating regular, balanced meals and doing exercise is also important. Why not do it as a family and make a lifetime of healthy habits, together?

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