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For the young
Baby Dinosaur
By DK (Penguin Random House, R85)
With eye-catching pages and a variety of textures to stimulate baby’s senses, this book provides entertainment while encouraging learning. Ages 9 months+.
By Alicia Thomas-Woolf (Ada Enup, R200)
This book aims to equip children with the emotional tools needed to deal with difficult situations. Includes a CD featuring the Powerful song.
Peppa’s Castle Adventure
By Neville Astley (Penguin Random House, R95)
Follow Peppa Pig as she spends the day at the castle. With knights, cannons, banquets and dragons, there is SO much to explore! Suitable for ages 3+
Fender Goes to Africa
By Veronica Lamond (Penguin Random House, R120)
This series engages children in diverse, real-life activities. Fender’s trip from Cairo to Cape Town is sure to inspire adventure! Suitable for ages 2–6.
For the tweens
Epic Tales of Skydalon – Battle for the Bearer of Light
By Michelle Sciacca (R110)
Through a secret doorway hidden in a baobab tree, you’ll find the magical world of Skydalon. Follow four young adventurers (and their monkey!) as they boldly take on the challenge of defeating the dark forces that are terrorising this world. Ages 8–13.
The New Girl Code
By Niki Smit (Imagnary House, R120) Tumi Letsatsi is an awkward girl, just trying to figure out what her future may hold. She discovers the power of technology, and her life is changed when she creates the app “Project Prep”. This book makes the innovative and creative world of tech more relatable to young girls. Suitable for ages 9–15.
The Trials of Apollo – The Burning Maze
By Rick Riordan (Penguin Book Group, R284)
The third book in the fast-paced series lives up to the action-packed and comical standards set by its predecessors. Apollo’s quest becomes increasingly dangerous, and he needs to face his toughest opponent yet. Ages 10+.
For us
Posh Sandwiches
By Quadrille (Quadrille Publishing Limited, R280)
Raise your sandwich game with the ultimate sandwich guide! Over 70 recipes of the number one “grab and go” meal. Simple recipes with beautiful photos, it’s time to liven up the lunchbox and perk up the picnic – no more excuses!
Blue Sunday
By Irma Venter (Human & Rousseau, R280)
A businessman has been murdered, a young girl has gone missing, and every answer leads to another question. Described by Deon Meyer as “world-class”, award-winning author Irma Venter’s latest thriller will not disappoint.
This Child of Ours
By Sadie Pearse (Little Brown Book Group, R208)
How does one deal with a child who is uncomfortable in their own skin? Sadie Pearse’s thought-provoking novel deals with difficult subject matter, such as gender, identity and family, in an easy-to-understand style. An audiobook is also available.
Camp & Caravan
(MapStudio, R50)
A handy guide to help you choose your next holiday destination – from remote camping in the bush to luxurious resorts at the beach, this guide has it all!

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