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One of my favourite things is heading to our local farmers’ market for breakfast on a Saturday morning. It’s best to go early, before the crowds get there, but this is easier said than done, especially in winter. Though it’s worth getting up early, dressing warmly and heading out.

When we arrive we head straight to the breakfast stalls, where there’s always something different to try. My favourite is warm falafel wraps, served with hummus and shredded salad. I’m often torn between this and French toast topped with berries and cream cheese, or a hashbrown, served with a poached egg, bacon, hollandaise, cherry tomatoes, rocket and some edible flowers. Then we get a hot cappuccino, or fresh lemonade, and stroll through the market looking at the crafts, shopping for cheeses, dips and other goodies on offer.

Spending a morning at the local market means you get to spend a bit of time relaxing with your family. More than that, it gives you the chance to sample and buy local produce, which is often fresher, and more wholesome than what you’d find at many supermarkets. And there are some things at the market that you’ll struggle to find anywhere else. So I always look out for a couple of tasty treats to use for a delicious family lunch.

The next time you pop down to your local market, try out these delicious flavour combinations:

  • Artisan ciabatta goes crispy on the outside and soft on the inside when warmed in the oven. Slice this and top with some pancetta or Parma ham, and add rocket, if it’s in season. For extra flavour, spoon on homemade piccalilli.
  • Look out for a homemade quiche, and serve this with a salad of lettuce, rocket, cherry tomatoes and feta, drizzled with a balsamic reduction.
  • Or serve a snack platter, with chunks of focaccia, sundried tomatoes in olive oil, feta, olives, pesto, gorgonzola or a mature cheddar, hummus, coppa ham, and any other delicious goodies you can find.

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