Fit Kids

Building strong, able and confident children who love to go out and try new things with their bodies.
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3 to 9
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Fit Kids is about shaping the way children feel about exercise.

We believe that if children are taught about fitness and an active lifestyle in a way that makes them feel great about themselves, they're bound to want to keep on doing it. And we all know that people who exercise are healthier, more confident and have a better self image than those who don't.

At Fit Kids we learn that:
• exercise is not sport
• everyone can find something to be good at
• our bodies need us to live an active lifestyle
• simple exercises can help us to change our mood, or concentrate better
• being strong and capable feels great
• through practice we can get better and better at something every week

Classes are offered either as an extra-mural, or as part of your school's movement program, which can include CAPS requirements.

Area licenses are available nationwide through our licensee program.

Please see our website for details.

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