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Creating fun lunchboxes, that are easy to make and appeal to your children, can be a challenge. Keep school lunches interesting with these fun and easy ideas.
Pack some pasta
Noodles make a great addition to a lunchbox. Add some shredded chicken and cheese and keep it warm in a thermos. You can use instant noodles for this (which will save time in the morning) and then add your own flavours and toppings instead of using the flavour sachet included.
You can go for a pasta salad instead: cook some pasta screws or shells and allow to cool. Then stir in halved cherry tomatoes, chopped cucumber, feta, chicken and some mayonnaise. If you’re having pasta the evening before, simply set some aside for lunchboxes. Or keep it fun for little ones by using alphabet pasta or other pasta shapes.
Roll it up
Glam up the lunchbox with some pseudo-sushi. You can use wraps and add layers of ingredients – think ham, cheese, shredded lettuce, diced cucumber, smoked chicken or grated carrots. You can also use tuna, but be sure to drain it properly first. Add some mayonnaise and roll up the wrap tightly. Use a sharp knife to cut the wrap into lunchbox-size pieces.
Bowled over
Add some variety to lunch time with a lunch bowl. You can add an assortment of ingredients from chicken or beef strips, mushrooms, carrot strips, nuts and avo (sprinkle with some lemon juice to stop it going brown). You can then add some rice or noodles, or a separate container with nachos, along with a dipping sauce.
Spice it up
Add some Mexican flavour to your lunchboxes. To start, build a chicken salad with lettuce, tomato, and grilled sweetcorn, sliced off the cob. Then add containers of grated cheese, guacomole and salsa, along with some nacho or tortilla chips. You can even through in some jalapenos if your children enjoy these.
Tips for a successful lunchbox:
  • remember to include fruit and veggies
  • try to include some dairy, like a mini-yoghurt or cheese sticks
  • keep it varied, but stick with what your child will eat
  • don’t forget the water – rather than juice – and add an extra bottle on PE or afterschool sports days

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