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We've put together a selection of great reads for the whole family, from toddlers and preschoolers to teens and parents.
For Toddlers
What the Ladybird Heard Next
Those crafty robbers Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len are out of jail, and they’re heading back to the farm with another cunning plan to cause trouble. Fortunately the quiet, clever ladybird is on their trail, and she and her farm animal friends have a plan of their own. Join the cow, the goose, the horse, the sheep, the cat, and everyone’s favourite ladybird in this fantastically funny farmyard caper – a much anticipated sequel to the successful What the Ladybird Heard.
By Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monks
(Published by Pan Macmillan, R232) 
For pre-schoolers
The Most Wonderful Thing in the World
When a king and a queen promise to marry their daughter to the man who can show them the most wonderful thing in the world, suitors descend on the palace bearing gifts. But nothing feels quite right. As the last suitor leaves rejected, the king and queen are exhausted. But when a shy, young man steps forward, they finally understand what the most wonderful thing in the world really is. Vivian French's masterful retelling of a forgotten story is both funny and heart-warming, and Angela Barrett's breathtaking illustrations give life to an enchanting fairytale city.
By Vivian French
(Published by Walker Books, R135) 
The Tale of Kitty-In-Boots
When Miss Kitty sneaks out to go hunting in her beautiful boots, she gets herself into all sorts of scrapes, but on this particular night she meets the foxiest hunter of them all - Mr. Tod. This entertaining tale is filled with mistaken identities, devious villains and even an appearance from Peter Rabbit. Told with Beatrix Potter's trademark dry humour and wry observations, this brilliant tale, which is illustrated by the best-loved Quentin Blake, is sure to become as popular as her original classics.
By Beatrix Potter
(Published by Penguin Books, R305) 
For early graders
A Huddle of Hippos
This 32-page, full-colour picture book follows the character of Sam on his safari adventure and introduces young readers to all the animals he comes across, teaching them the collective noun for each new sighting, from a huddle of hippos to a float of crocodiles. The bright illustrations and funny, rhyming text help tell this adventurous tale. Suite to children between the ages of four and eight, this book makes learning grammar easy – and sis we mention it comes with an activity page at the end?
By Julia Richman
(Published by Burnet Media, R140) 
The Magic Mat and its Little Secret  
The world of magic and creative play comes to life in this book that comes with a complimentary animated DVD. Designed to introduce children between five and 12 years old to the benefits of yoga and relaxation, this book offers fun stretching and meditation techniques. Knowing that young children love to use their imagination, the author has created a magical world for them to dive into. For yoga enthusiasts, this is a great way to encourage your children to join in your hobby. It will make for a happy, healthy household.
By Carmen Clews
(Published by Porcupine Press, R195)
For preteens and teens
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Prepare to be spellbound by Jim Kay’s dazzling full-colour illustrations in this stunning new edition of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Breathtaking scenes, dark themes and unforgettable characters – including Dobby and Gilderoy Lockhart – await inside this fully illustrated edition. With paint, pencil and pixels, award-winning illustrator Jim Kay conjures the wizarding world as we have never seen it before. Harry and his friends, now in their second year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, seek out a legendary chamber and the deadly secret that lies within. This inspired reimagining, filled with magic and humour, is bound to captivate loyal fans and new readers alike.
By J.K. Rowling
(Published by Bloomsbury Publishing, R519) 
For us
The Ice House
Carl Bowman is an assassin for hire whose latest assignment is to take out a ten-year-old girl. But with the girl in his sights, Carl can't bring himself to pull the trigger. Instead he goes on the run, taking her with him. Meanwhile, in a small village in Southern Spain, Julia Martin's carefully constructed life is falling apart. Her husband and his mistress have been killed and her daughter, Rebecca, has disappeared. Julia has been fleeing the secrets of her past for over a decade and it seems they've finally caught up with her.
By John Connor
(Published by Orion Publishing Co, R202)
Boys Adrift: The Five Factors Driving the Growing Epidemic of Unmotivated Boys and Underachieving Young Men
From kindergarten to college, American boys are, on average, less resilient and less ambitious than they were 20 years ago. The gender gap in college attendance and graduation rates has widened dramatically. Drawing on more than twenty years of clinical experience, Dr Leonard Sax explains why boys and young men are failing in school and disengaged at home. He shows how social, cultural, and biological factors have created an environment that is toxic to boys. He also presents practical solutions, effective strategies tried and tested by educators and handy tips.
By Leonard Sax
(Published by The Perseus Books Group, R225)

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