everything’s eiré about ireland’s family adventures

Ireland is an excellent option for families. There is a great deal to keep all ages entertained and it’s exceptionally easy to see a lot in a short time.
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Keep a keen ear out for the sound of tapping when you head to the home of the last remaining leprechauns in Northern Ireland. Legend has it these little mischief-makers were in fact the shoemakers for fairies and, if you listen hard enough, you can still hear them tapping away at shoes with their tiny hammers. If leprechauns aren’t lure enough, we have five more experiences to inspire you:
  1. Leprechaun and Fairy Cavern You may be lucky enough to meet McCoillte, the Leprechaun Whisperer, during your visit to the Leprechaun and Fairy Cavern in Carlingford. After meeting Carraig, one of the last remaining leprechauns on earth, McCoillte was inspired to protect these magical creatures and even managed to get them protected by the EU. You’ll descend below ground and see the spot where leprechauns and fairies converge in the morning as the sun rises. You’ll also hear how Ireland is working to protect the world’s last leprechauns.

  2. Visit Winterfell Castle Present-day Castle Ward in Strangford, County Down, just 40 minutes’ drive from Belfast in Northern Ireland, hurtles you back to a time of feasting, fighting and family feuds. This is Winterfell, where you will find the Whispering Wood, where Robb Stark sets up camp and where Brienne confronts the Stark men. Dress up in the same outfits Jon Snow, and Robb and Bran Stark wore and practise your archery prowess at a replica of the Winterfell Archery Range, recreated in the courtyard in the very same spot that the filming took place.

  3. Giant’s Causeway Tread in the footsteps of Finn MacCool – his geometric Giant’s Causeway more the stuff of legends than the result of ancient volcanic activity which left its mark on the Northern Irish coast. Admire the 40 000 interlocking basalt columns that fade into the sea from the safe vantage point of a clifftop walk, which was partly funded by the TTC’s Treadright Foundation, allowing everyone to explore more of this mythical spot.

  4. Titanic Belfast Visitor Centre Located beside the historic shipyard where she was originally built, Titanic Belfast provides a fresh and insightful account of the famous RMS Titanic, from her conception in the early 1900s to her notorious maiden voyage, tragic end and her rediscovery under water. What’s great about Titanic Belfast for kids is that the visitor experience uses special effects, rides and interactive exhibits to share the Titanic’s history so it’s relevant and interesting for all ages.

  5. Flying Boat Museum Visit Foyne’s Flying Boat Museum, the only dedicated flying boat museum in the world and the former refuelling point for Pan Am’s famous Yankee Clipper from 1939 to 1945, to gain insights into the rich history of aviation. You’ll feel like a passenger and learn how this was where Irish Coffee was first served to treat weary passengers whose New York flights were cut short due to bad weather.

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