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“Do you remember the time the doors closed and I was inside and you were outside?” I asked my daughter as we stepped into an elevator together the other day. She laughed and replied, “Yes, how could I ever forget that?” It was a long time ago, so the incident must have seared itself on both our memories, even though we can laugh about it today.
We’d been doing our grocery shopping in a large mall and were taking the elevator down a level with our trolley of goods. This infamous elevator had once trapped shoppers for hours before they could be freed. I’d pushed the trolley into the elevator and my five-year-old daughter was to follow closely behind. That was the plan, but before she could enter, the doors snapped shut, effectively locking her out; the lift descended despite my frantic attempts to re-open the doors. They were made of transparent glass, so the last thing I saw as the lift descended was the look of sheer panic on my daughter’s face. I shouted for her to stay where she was, but I don’t think she could hear me. Even if she did, panic had already taken over and she went running off in a random direction away from the elevator.
I had to wait for what felt like an eternity for the elevator to take me back up a floor and hope that she hadn’t vanished in the meantime. Fortunately some benevolent soul was around to console my crying child until I could get to her again… not too far from the elevator.
No wonder I still prefer taking the stairs.


Anonymous wrote 3 years 46 weeks ago

Wow, hats off to you, because I think panic would have set in for me just as fast. My biggest fear is the random running in another direction with my little boy. You can't win because even if they go in first there is a chance of the elevator closing before your trolley gets in and by the time you run around to press the button, the elevator is moving. I shudder to think if that was me how I would've cried from relief afterwards.

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