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A 10-day holiday when you’re an adult flies past, but time seems to drag on forever when you’re a child. The car journey from our farm to the beach, where we spent most of our family holidays, always felt like a cross-continental trek. My sister and I learnt to look out for particular landmarks along the way to reassure us that we weren’t merely spinning on a hamster wheel on the road to nowhere – but we still asked the annoying “are we there yet?” question.

I don’t think we were ever really bored at the beach. We played board games such as Uno, Monopoly, and Snakes and Ladders as if there was no tomorrow. We also tested our trivia knowledge, played cards, and very often, “I spy”. Our favourite outing was a trip to the drive-in. My parents would insist that we all take an afternoon nap so that we’d be able to stay awake for both movies. I could never fall asleep in the afternoon, but I somehow managed to stave off sleep at the drive-in long enough to watch both shows.

I recall my dad being a different person on holiday. The beach has always been his “happy place”, where he could forget about the pressures of running his farming business. Hopefully you will also be able to unwind from your daily stress if you go away for the holidays; I’m sure this ease of tension will rub off on your children too. Make sure you take lots of board games. After all, a child’s boundless energy won’t necessarily abate just because he is on holiday.

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