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When they are little, children love bedtime stories, and when they start to read on their own, they enjoy book after book. But when our children reach the preteen stage, reading seems to take a back seat. Between homework, extramurals, required reading and electronic fun, reading no longer seems as much fun. Start by encouraging your child to read more to reap the benefits, by giving them books they can relate to, and which are fun and hip.
The Soul Seekers: Horizon
Now that she's gained mastery over her powers as a Soul Seeker, Daire Santos faces her ultimate enemy – the Richter family. But on the horizon is a new and even deadlier foe, a powerful prophet determined to help the Richters bring about the end of the world. And even worse, the prophet's daughter is someone painfully close to Daire: Dace's ex-girlfriend, Phyre. With the odds stacked against her, will Daire survive long enough to create the future she desires with Dace, and will love truly be enough to conquer all? Find out in this stunning conclusion to the New York Times bestselling author Alyson Noël's The Soul Seekers series. The series of four books, starting with Fated, Echo and Mystic is for children from the age of 12 years old.
By Alyson Noel
(Published by Pan Macmillan, R136)
The World’s Greatest Underachiever: And the House of Halloween Horrors
This is the tenth book in the New York Times bestselling series for children from the age of eight about the hilarious adventures of a loveable hero. It’s Halloween and Hank Zipzer wants to create the scariest haunted house ever. Unfortunately, Hank’s dog, Cheerio, is more scared than anyone, and he runs away. Have Hank’s Halloween high jinks gone too far this time? The acclaimed Hank Zipzer series, created by Henry Winkler of Happy Days, follows the adventures of a bright boy with learning challenges. Co-author Lin Oliver is a writer and producer of movies, books and television series for children and families. She has written more than 25 novels for children, and one hundred episodes of television. She is co-founder and executive director of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.
By Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver
(Published by Walker Books, R80)
Lark Ainsley escapes the Iron Wood to search for her brother, only to find herself captured and imprisoned in an underground metropolis. Powerful magic protects the city of Lethe, providing sanctuary from the Empty Ones – monsters who hunger after human flesh. But this magic comes at a terrible price, and the city lives in fear of their leader Prometheus and his gang of eagles. Danger lies in the shadows, and Lark must find the light. Shadowlark is a follow up to the book Skylark, recommended for children from 12 years old. In Skylark we learn how Lark became the “power supply” of her city and how she ended up in the Iron Wood. This series is an electrifying tale of magic, secrecy and survival.
By Meagan Spooner
(Published by Random House Struik, R130)
When Bobby’s beloved Natasha dies in an attack, he’s passed on, then abandoned. It seems as if he’ll end his days in an animal shelter. When Dash, Jessie’s beautiful Alsatian, dies of leukaemia, she can’t overcome her grief. But in another world, Natasha and Dash won’t give up… all they need is one willing heart, one act of kindness, to open a pathway. Step by step, Natasha and Dash nudge Bobby and Jessie towards each other. Based on a true story, Bobby and Jessie learn that as long as hope is alive, anything is possible. Bobby tells the story of the unbreakable bond between man and dog and this uplifting and deeply touching story is an inspiring read for teens, especially those who love their pets.
By Elizabeth Pienaar
(Published by Human & Rousseau, R120)
Dandelion Clocks
Dandelion Clocks will be popular with fans of Jacqueline Wilson, Cathy Cassidy or Annabel Pitcher. Eleven-year-old Olivia (or Liv) takes us on a journey through her life from “Thirteen Weeks Before” to “Six Months After”. We discover Liv's passion for photography, her brother's obsession with sticking to the rules, the stupidity of moronic Louise at school, and how the family copes as Mom's terminal illness takes hold. Guided by her mom's own childhood diaries, Liv finds a new way to live. This book is real, funny, utterly touching and heart-warming. Despite the sadness at the heart of the story, readers from the age of 10 years old will laugh and keep on turning the pages, charmed by Liv and her mom in this well told, modern story.
By Rebecca Westcott
(Published by Penguin Books, R118)
Warp: The Reluctant Assassin
The reluctant assassin is Riley, a Victorian boy who is suddenly plucked from his own time and whisked into the twenty-first century, accused of murder and on the run. Riley has been pulled into the FBI's covert W.A.R.P. operation (Witness Anonymous Relocation Programme). He and young FBI Agent Chevie Savano are forced to flee terrifying assassin-for-hire Albert Garrick, who pursues Riley through time and will not stop until he has hunted him down. Barely staying one step ahead, Riley and Chevie must stay alive and stop Garrick returning to his own time with knowledge and power that could change the world. This is the first book in a new tense and funny series for children from the age of nine, written by the creator of the Artemis Fowl series.
By Eoin Colfer
(Published by Penguin Books, R135)
Penelope Crumb Follows her Nose
Here are some interesting facts about Penelope Crumb: she has a brother so awful that he must be an alien. Her mom draws body parts and her grandpa’s nose, but there is no grandpa. Her family haven’t seen him since her dad died. So Penelope and her friend Lizzie set off across town to find Grandpa Felix, skipping school, taking trains and calling every F. Crumb in the phone book. But what if Grandpa Felix doesn’t want to be found? This is where the last fact about Penelope comes into the equation: she doesn’t take no for an answer. The Penelope Crumb series is funny, descriptive and engaging for children from nine years old. Penelope is an endearing character that many readers will identify with.
By Shawn K Stout
(Published by Quercus, R103)
Published over 100 years ago, Pollyanna remains a classic, loved and cherished by many generations. When Pollyanna Whittier’s father dies, she is sent away to live with her only surviving relative – Aunt Polly. But Pollyanna’s sunny disposition doesn’t sit well with her aunt’s need for an ordered and silent house. The key to the young girl’s happiness, the mysterious Glad Game, is applied to all parts of her life. The game revolves around the premise that no matter how dark the situation, it is always possible to find something to be glad about. Little by little Pollyanna’s infectious enthusiasm spreads throughout the town, winning over the most curmudgeon characters along the way. Suddenly, though, the arrival of a motorcar in town heralds a tragic change in Pollyanna’s life.
By Eleanor H Porter
(Published by Hesperus Press, R123)
The Sword of Kuromori
Ancient monsters bite off more than they can chew in this action-packed adventure set in modern Japan. Kenny arrives in Tokyo to spend the summer with his father and is stunned to discover a destiny he had never dreamt of when he finds himself in the middle of a hidden war that is about to explode. Racing against an impossible deadline, Kenny must find the fabled Sword of Heaven and use it to prevent disaster. But a host of terrifying monsters is out to destroy him, and success will come at a price. With clever, fearless, sarcastic Kiyomi at his side, Kenny must negotiate the worlds of modern and mythic Japan to find the lost sword. This is an adventure story for those aged 10 to 14 years old.
By Jason Rohan
(Published by Egmont, R132)
Olivia’s Curtain Call
Olivia and her friends are auditioning for a production of Romeo and Juliet in the West End. It makes Olivia realise just how much she wants to be an actress, like her mom was. But her father asks her to perform with him in a high-wire stunt instead. How can she choose between her parents? Love is in the air at the Swan School of Theatre and Dance, but when the curtain falls, will everyone get their fairytale happy ending? This is the seventh book in this stage school series for children from nine years old. The books are a compelling mix of family saga and school stories, covering Olivia’s first term at the school, Olivia showing off her circus background and her mixing with movie stars.
By Lyn Gardner
(Published by Nosy Crow, R111)

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