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six reasons to shop online this silly season

Planning is the key to a successful holiday and online grocery shopping is the gift that keeps on giving- in more ways than one
Child magazine
Planning is the key to a successful holiday and online grocery shopping is the gift that keeps on giving- in more ways than one.
  1. It saves you time and money: Let’s face it, wherever you go, the queues aren’t going to be shorter.

strictly exercising

If you can't beat them, join them
Anél Lewis
Conor came home a few months ago, bemoaning the fact that he does not have a six-pack. Now in our home, unless we are talking about what multi-pack refreshment we need to go with the Sunday braai, “six-pack” is not a term that is often bandied about. A few weeks later, I heard one of his classmates also talking about this all-important six-pack while they were playing outside before school.

this isn’t what I ordered

For some, the gender debate begins shortly after conception, but does baby’s sex really matter?
Sasha Cuff
In the dim light of the ultrasound room, the tension is tangible. Silenced by her concentration, I lie and wait as the sonographer steers the probe across my belly. I squint at the monitor, trying to see what she is seeing, but aside from a distorted and bumpy jumble of shapes, I am lost. As the scan draws to a close, she confirms that all appears to be in order.

the glow of happiness

The true measure of success is happiness - yours and your family's.
Lucille Kemp
After a year of chasing your tail, it’s time to ponder what you did right and what you might have done differently. I think life starts to get better for most of us when we realise that quality of life does not centre wholly on achieving the dream of a nice home, job title, goal weight or the perfect child … rather, it’s about achieving happiness.

festive holiday fare

Mouthwatering recipes perfect for the festive season and the new year
Chantal Botha, Hayley Murison and Julie Brown

Back to school 101

Are you ready for back to school? We give you some pointers.
Child magazine
When we think of the first day of school, we worry about whether our children have all the right gear, that their hair is neat and that they have a healthy lunchbox packed. But it’s just as important to prepare our children mentally for the first day. Sure, it’s easier if they’ve done it before, or if they’re staying in the same phase.

Your guide to the perfect child friendly beach holiday

What better way to end off the year with some well-deserved family time. Just make sure that this Includes some me-time too.
Child magazine
With the stresses and strains of day-to-day activities, a much deserved holiday is important for parents and children alike. And while a quick weekend away here and there might just do the trick, a proper break from the hustle and bustle does wonders.

Pack like a professional

Packing light is an art, so here are six top tips to getting it right.
Tamlyn Vincent
Holiday time often includes trips to see family or just to get away. And this means packing. I usually take as much as possible (who knows what you’ll need?), but this results in an over-stuffed bag, even for overnight stays. I’m even worse when I pack for my son, throwing in two warm and two cool outfits, just in case. It’s only when we get home that I realise we haven’t used half the clothes we’ve hauled along.

Plan for the worst, hope for the best

Don't let your holiday be ruined by illness or an accident - carry a well-stocked first aid kit
Child magazine
Everyone’s excited! The bags are packed and you’ll soon be leaving for your family holiday. But don’t forget the first aid kit. It doesn’t matter if you’re staying local, or flying across the world – accidents happen.

Is a winter holiday in Europe too cold for South African children?

With a bit or research and preparation, we don’t think so
Child magazine
For South African kids, winter simply means it’s time to pack away swimming cozzies because ‘mom says the pool is too cold’.
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