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Be the back-to-school boss

Advice from the experts to help make back-to-school a stress-free and exciting process
Get organised
Getting started before the holiday season begins is a good idea. You may find what you need in the new year, but stocks may limited. Once you have your supplies, label everything.

Easy meals jam-packed with goodness

Cook with the season’s offerings and fill your pantry with delicious relishes, pesto and sauces
With the real gift of the holiday season being family time, jampacked by Tina Bester inspires you and your children to cook with the season’s offerings and fill your pantry with mouth-watering relishes, pesto and sauces. Once the shelves are stocked, school night suppers become quick, easy and layered with flavour.

The secret to surviving a summer pregnancy

Child Mag finds out which treatments are safe and will make your body feel its best
Sailing through a summer pregnancy is a breeze with our handy hints and plenty of pampering. 

Family rituals – a feast of family time

Family rituals are a vital part of family life and bring the family together as one
Christina Castle
Passed down through generations or made up on the fly, the point of the family ritual is that it means something to your family. In the Castle household, the family ritual seemed to appear from nowhere but has become the most cherished time of the week for everyone (even the dogs).

Divorce and holidays

Tips on navigating the holidays while ensuring children’s wellbeing and happiness
Amy Mac Iver
My friend Jamie* has endured every parent’s worst nightmare. Two years ago he lost his middle child to an unexpected illness. Tragically, that was just the start of a journey that’s left him in unimaginable pain. Grief saw his wife take comfort in the arms of a neighbour, and shortly afterwards their marriage dissolved. She is a high-flying career woman, he’d been a stay-at-home dad.

Sun and water safety

Ensure your family stays safe while enjoying the summer sun with these handy tips
South Africans love sunshine – we get plenty of it, after all. In the heat of summer, families hit the beaches, pools and garden sprinklers in their numbers. It’s up to us to ensure our children are adequately protected from the cancer risks of the African sun and from the dangers of drowning.

Are we there yet? What kids really want from a family holiday

Want a successful family holiday? Involve your kids in the decision-making
Your seven-year old may not seem the likeliest choice of travel agent for your next family holiday, but involving your children in the planning of your getaway could just be the best decision you’ll ever make.

Sibling Rivalry: when it's not all fun and games

If left unchecked, sibling rivalry can result in lifelong issues
Nick Dall
Workshop facilitator at The Parent Centre in Wynberg, Pat Coombe, says “you get parents who say ‘Oh, my kids never fight’, but I don’t believe them,” and she should know, having worked with children (and their parents) for 41 years. “Parents who say this are probably just being unobservant ...

Be prepared – first aid essentials

Don't let your holiday be ruined by illness or an accident - carry a well-stocked first aid kit
Tamlyn Vincent
Everyone’s excited! The bags are packed and you’ll soon be leaving for your family holiday. But don’t forget the first aid kit. It doesn’t matter if you’re staying local, or flying across the world – accidents happen. When they do, you’ll reach for your first aid kit, so it needs to be packed with the essentials.

Weaning 101

COLLAB weaning is a collaborative effort between healthcare professionals, the parent and the baby.
The start of your baby’s weaning journey will have significant implications for their health and their emotional development, as well as playing a role in preventing feeding disorders. Science tells us that the first 1 001 days (pregnancy to two years of age) have a dramatic impact not only on your child’s whole life but on the next generation as well. This is true for brain development – a baby needs to be stimulated.
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