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How to Fight Right

All parents disagree, and how we do it can harm our children – or help them
Glynis Horning
My late parents were wonderful, loving people but they fought fiercely. It tore me up and put me off marriage for years. When I eventually relented with a wonderful, loving man of my own, we vowed not to fight when we had children. We did, of course. We’re human – we get tired and impatient, and children provide fertile new grounds for disagreement.

What to Eat When Breast-feeding

We ask the experts about a mom’s diet when breast-feeding
Tamlyn Vincent
So, after nine months of waiting, you finally have your bundle of joy and you’re ready to start breast-feeding. If you’re a new mom, the nurse may offer you some helpful advice. Then your friends will give you their two cents’ worth; your sister-in-law and mother might also have something to add: “drink stout – it increases milk supply” or “avoid spicy food; it irritates the baby”.

Learner Dad

On the stormy (and enjoyable) ride that is first-time fatherhood
Matthew Hattingh
Babies, I’ve come to realise, are a bit like Cape Town: beautiful to look at but the wind will drive you crazy. Our bundle of joy had been home from the hospital a week or so, and we were smugly congratulating ourselves on her quiet, sweet nature, when the Cape Doctor came to town.
Before baby, we had been warned ad nauseam to get plenty of sleep (or to jol) while we could.

Intrepid Adventurer on Board

One mother introduces her toddler to camping and finds things a little different from how she remembers them
Elaine Eksteen
A couple of Fridays ago we headed off on a long-anticipated family adventure: our toddler’s very first camping trip. We were hoping it would lead to many more weekends with our son enjoying what had been one of our favourite activities pre-baby. The spot we’d chosen was the other side of a rather bumpy gravel pass – the last bit of the journey elicited much laughter as we all bobbed about on the “wobbly” road with exaggerated “hold tights”.

You Name it, Baby!

The funny side of figuring out what to call your bundle of joy
Christina Castle
Naming your baby is an emotional process. But not necessarily for the reason it should be. Just when you think you’ve decided on the “one”, someone will blow it for you. It may be your husband’s granny who announces that all firstborn boys must be called Christoffel Albertus Hendrick. Perhaps your own sister recalls that child you were at school with who was always digging in his nose and eating the treasure.

Mainstreaming Children with Down’s syndrome

We shed some light on children with Down’s syndrome and how they can be mainstream learners
Lucille Kemp
Max and his family go to the beach and to Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden; they watch rugby and go camping; attend modern dancing recitals and live music concerts, as well as have weekend braais and throw birthday parties.

How to Make Single Parent Dating Work

Kim Fairon, a Johannesburg-based psychologist, answers a few questions about dating as a single parent
Donna Cobban
Getting back into the dating game after divorce or separation can be a daunting task for the single parent.

20 Birthday Traditions

Innovative ways to ensure your child feels super special on their birthday
Elaine Eksteen
Here are some ideas you may want to turn into family traditions…

Dating Tips for Single Parents

It's tough for the single parent to get back into the dating game again
Donna Cobban
I have been a parent for three years and a single parent for two them. If the truth be told I have almost forgotten where the headlights on my car are – that’s how often I have left the house after dark. A periodic dinner or movie with friends is the most I seem to manage right now, and the idea of a romantic date sends me reeling. What on earth would I talk about?

Smoke alarm

We look at some of the dangers of passive smoking and how it affects children
Tamlyn Vincent
I don’t like it when friends or family smoke around my son (how many of us do?). When I was growing up, smoking wasn’t such a big deal, though perhaps it should have been. The Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing estimates that children of parents who smoke will inhale the same amount of nicotine as if they were smoking between 60 and 150 cigarettes a year.
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