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Easing into Organic Eating

Seven food products parents should look for in the organic section of their grocery stores
Child Magazine
Certified organic food is so named because it has been grown without the use of pesticides. “It’s about producing goods that work in harmony with, and not against, nature,” says Ian Robinson, owner of Go-Organic and spokesperson of the South African Organic Sector Organisation. “The aim is to eradicate the use of harmful chemicals by making effective use of nature’s natural resources.

Fun Road Trip Activities

Pack some useful items that will keep your children entertained during the journey
Child Magazine
So, you’ve planned a road trip, but all you can think about is how you will mute the chorus of “Are we there yet?” from the back seat. Here are some tips to keep your children from being bored stiff, while ensuring that you can drive safely without any dangerous distractions.

Choosing the Right Daycare Facility

What questions should parents ask when considering a daycare for their children?
Anel Lewis
Choosing a daycare facility can be daunting and recent newspaper reports about neglect and abuse at some of these facilities have again raised parents’ concerns.

Keeping the Faith

Faith, and the support of others, helps a family deal with their daughter’s illness, writes a Sunflower Fund volunteer
Amanda Paulsen
“This is where it all started,” says Patrick David, Akeira’s grandfather, pointing to a chair in the corner of the family’s lounge. “One day, Akeira decided she didn’t want to walk anymore. We knew something was wrong as she was normally very active, going from that chair across the room to her grandmother sitting on the couch. But that day she barely managed to shuffle across to her.

Male Infertility

We look at male infertility and ways to improve your chances of conceiving
Tamlyn Vincent
Getting pregnant – that should be fun. Most couples are excited about the chance to create life. But, for some, it isn’t fun. Many couples struggle to fall pregnant and male infertility is “growing massively” says fertility specialist Dr Colin La Grange, of the Life Centre in Durban.

Starting Over

Four families – some in South Africa and some abroad – who have uprooted themselves and started over
Lucille Kemp and Donna Cobban

Five Ideas to Organise Art

If you can’t find your fridge for all the children’s paintings and drawings disguising it, perhaps it’s time to create an art wall
Elaine Eksteen
My husband and I love art… but currently the only pieces we seem to be collecting are the painted scribbly bits, crayon scrawls and smudgy footprints of our toddler. Five years ago we’d never have dreamt our home would have a toddler’s artworks haphazardly masking-taped to the kitchen tiles. Our fridge and kitchen walls will soon all be spoken for – and he’s only two. Who knows what our house will look like when he starts primary school.

Understanding Epilepsy

We find out more about epilepsy, a common neurological disorder
Child Magazine
Imagine a light bulb that starts flickering for no reason. That was how 17-year-old Kai Fitchen’s neurologist explained his seizures, which started at age nine. His mother, Bobbie, recalls, “At first I did not realise what was happening. He had recently had tonsillitis with very high temperatures and his seizures were happening at night so I initially thought they were some form of night terrors related to this.

The New Generation Game

Find out how generation X and generation Z can bridge the great divide in a techno-saturated world
Rodney Weidemann
Often referred to as the generation that refused to grow up, generation X has finally come of age in the 21st century – becoming the parents of the children who make up generation Z. Their children are of an entirely new millennium. The child whose birth date falls between 1995 and 2009 was born into and raised with technology.

Make Mine a Gin and Tonic

Why we should teach our children to drink responsibly
Paul Kerton
You are at a favourite pizza place, sat outside enjoying the dappled, retreating sunlight and early evening breeze. The children are picking through the menu and you order drinks.
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