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Diagnosing ADHD

New research provides fresh insight into the causes of ADHD, and offers parents alternative and holistic treatment options
Donna Cobban
Lance*, father to now 11-year-old Aiden*, was doubtful when his son was first diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) at the age of nine. Three years later, the Johannesburg-based father still finds himself vacillating over the issue. “There are times when I look at my son’s behaviour and think that he definitely has ADHD. But then I stop and think that I behaved like that as a child, so did I have ADHD?

Preschool Ready

How do you know if your child has the necessary skills and maturity to start school? We find out
Donna Cobban
I kept my child out of playschool until well after his third birthday, as I thought by the time we walked through the doors of his little school he would possess the inner strength he needed to be away from all that is familiar for a few hours. I was right, he slotted right in, comforting the criers and bossing the smaller ones. He could not have enjoyed it more... until I did not arrive on time to fetch him. Other parents arrived and he witnessed reunion after delighted reunion.

10 Ways to Make Meal Times More Eco-Friendly

Things the whole family can do to ensure a sustainable environment
Tamlyn Vincent
One of my favourite childhood memories is of driving to a dairy farm with my family to buy fresh milk. My mom would skim the cream off the top of the milk to make cottage cheese, using chives from our herb garden for flavour. I was too young then to understand the importance of buying local produce.

Heavy School Bags

Weighty school bags are more than just a pain in the neck (or back), they could cause long-term spinal damage
Gillian Hurst
It was with some alarm that I recently tried to fling my son’s school bag into the car boot. Nearly floored by the Herculean effort needed just to get the bag off the ground, I was staggered that my 11-year-old had been carrying what feels like the equivalent of a hefty first-grader on his back, without a word of complaint.
Take a moment to pick up your child’s bag.

Room to Grow

One mother reluctantly accepts her teenage son’s move to his own bedroom with its “smelly-chaos” décor
Christina Castle
My eldest son, Dylan, 13, immigrated last year – to his own room. It was his decision. He said that Alex, 10, kept him awake at night with his silly jokes, sleep talking, snoring and other bodily noises. Besides, he just wanted his own space, he said.
Until then they had happily shared a room. And had pretty much done so since day dot.

Blocked Tear Ducts

We take a look at the problem of blocked tear ducts in infants
Lucille Kemp
Twenty to 30 percent of newborns have blocked tear ducts, says Cape Town-based paediatrician Dr Anita Parbhoo. According to Dr Pierre Cilliers, a Johannesburg-based ophthalmologist, this occurs when the lachrymal passage, which drains the tears into the nose, fails to open before the infant is born. It can also be caused by a duct abnormality (a possible narrowing of the duct) as well as atypical development of the skull and face.

Pet Symmetry

When the sad time comes to bid the family pet farewell, make sure it gets a fitting sendoff
Paul Kerton
There is nothing quite like a small and furry creature with big eyes, endearing habits and an inherent vulnerability to make a child smile, and bring out the same feeling of unconditional love that you have for your child.

Survive the Fourth-Grade Slump

Your child will need extra support when the focus shifts from reading to reading to learn
Caroline van der Mescht
Every year in mid-January, more than a million children start a new grade in primary school. Usually, the older the child, the less anxious you as a parent will feel.

Thrush - Spots of Trouble

We find out why babies get thrush, and how to treat it
Tamlyn Vincent
Your baby has white spots on the inside of her mouth, or white stuff on her tongue. It may, at first, look like milk residue, but if it doesn’t budge when you try to rub it off, it could be thrush.
Sister Desiree du Plessis of Cape Town says thrush in babies is “absolutely harmless”.

Fear of Birds

One father bravely puts aside his fear of all things feathered to take his daughter to the farmyard
David Morris
Growing up, everyone has their fears with the usual suspects perhaps being spiders, heights and the dark. Mine? Well, I’m embarrassed to admit it (and very few people know) but it happens to be birds.
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