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The Skinny on Eating Disorders

Children are becoming body conscious at a very young age
Angelique Serrao
Carla*, from Johannesburg, is 1,8 metres tall and weighs just 45kg. “That doesn’t sound very thin, but for a girl that tall, it means she’s just bone,” says her mother Kim*. “That’s the kind of thin that means you can’t sit down because you get sores.” The average weight for a woman of that height is 65kg.

Moms on Holiday

Would you be able to leave your family to take a solo trip?
Donna Cobban

Introducing Baby to Toddler

Tips to ease the anxiety of introducing your new baby to his sibling
Joanne Lillie
When contemplating the arrival of our second baby, my husband and I found ourselves besieged by a host of anxieties quite unlike those we had felt at the birth of our first. Least of our concerns were the actual birth and whether we’d know what to do. Our fears now centre on how to manage two different routines, and how to make our means and our love stretch to two.

10 Reasons to Stay Home from School

When should you keep your child at home, and when should you insist that they go to school?
Tamlyn Vincent

We All Start Out Small

The story of a boy with dwarfism who manages to stand tall and dream big
Marina Zietsman
Joshua is 10 years old and he dreams of becoming the first “little pilot” to soar our skies. His mom, Rachelle van Staden, tells him he can be anything he sets his mind to. Other people might give Joshua one look and whisper behind cupped hands: “It’s not likely”. And even though this plucky boy is used to people whispering about him, annoyingly trying to be circumspect, it does make him furious.

Why Do People Cheat?

We investigate why husbands and wives have extramarital affairs
Paul Kerton
It is not that difficult to notice that your partner is having an affair. There is a not-so-subtle change in behaviour, which may range from extra grooming and new “friends” (who happen to be in town tonight only) to very late business meetings. Underwear suddenly becomes far sexier (for her) or cleaner and with no holes (for him).

High Fashion versus Child’s Play

Are we encouraging our children to grow up too quickly by dressing them in trendy, and often impractical, outfits?
Anél Lewis
Sequined tops, padded bras and high heel shoes – all fine in a women’s clothing store, but should you be able to buy these items in the children’s section? Many parents say definitely not. But it seems as if finding appropriate, practical clothing for children is becoming increasingly difficult. Cape Town mother Debbie Hutton says she feels “disillusioned and nauseous” when she has to find outfits for her daughters aged five and nine.

Time Trials

Being consistently late for school could eventually impact on your child’s school performance. Try these tips to beat the clock, and the school bell
Tamlyn Vincent
I am a self–confessed clock-watcher. I try to be on time and it bothers me no end when I am late. My husband and son, on the other hand, have no concept of time. My son is two, so his tardiness is perhaps forgivable.

To Board, or Not to Board

Many of us delighted in reading, or watching, John “Spud” Milton’s experiences of boarding school, but would you send your child to one?
Lucille Kemp

Science Projects to do at Home

15 ways to unleash your child’s inner Einstein
Robyn Goss
Children are natural scientists. As soon as they can stretch out their hands, they set about trying to understand their surroundings. They conduct sound experiments with pitch and volume, diligently explore the properties of puréed apple and quickly learn to dismantle everything within their reach.
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