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What’s That Dot You’ve Got?

How to tell if your child’s rash is serious
Vanessa Papas
Gauteng GP Dr Sylvia Guest says viral skin infections, such as measles, rubella (German measles) and chickenpox, are highly contagious. “Symptoms include a sore throat, high temperature and red eyes before a blotchy, itchy rash starts on your child’s torso that changes from red to dark brown in colour. With rubella, children often complain of muscle or joint pain and a headache before a finer, red rash appears on the torso and spreads to the rest of the body.

Raising Multiples

Raising twins or triplets often involves more logistics than the invasion of a foreign country
Les Aupiais
Twenty years ago, falling pregnant with triplets didn’t make headline news. You’d have to produce at least sextuplets, in the Rosenkowitz mould, to crack that – and then you’d be lucky enough to land chain store sponsorship. No, a set of triplets only causes tabloid headlines at home, where it creates ripples in your immediate family circle and changes your life forever.

My Nanny is HIV Positive

What to do if you find out your nanny is HIV positive
Tamlyn Vincent

In 2011, Statistics South Africa estimated that 10.6% of South Africans are HIV positive, meaning that over five million people are infected. This also means that our children will probably grow up knowing someone who has HIV or Aids.

Stroke Warning

More women under the age of 60 are experiencing heart problems and strokes. What are the risks and signs?
Tamlyn Vincent
Every day 60 people die from strokes, and 195 people die from cardiovascular disease in South Africa, estimates the Heart and Stroke Foundation South Africa. And the age at which women are affected is getting younger. A stroke, or brain attack, occurs when a blood vessel supplying oxygen and nutrients to the brain either bursts or becomes blocked by a blood clot, says Heart and Stroke Foundation South Africa dietician Lucy Gericke.

Declutter Your Life

The experts give us their top spring-cleaning tips to keep the chaos at bay
Robyn Goss
Before you start
  • Make a list of all the areas that frustrate you the most and start organising there, says Tracey Foulkes of Get Organised.
  • Try to make your organising fun – play music, challenge yourself to beat the clock or ask someone to help.

Car Control

One dad reminds his daughters that a ride in his hallowed chariot is a privilege
Paul Kerton

Parents Who Study

Going back to school when you have children is a scary thought but it’s not impossible
Lucille Kemp

5 Ways to be Proudly South African

Inspire your children to celebrate their cultural heritage while teaching them about the diversity of our rainbow nation
Tamlyn Vincent
1. Bring and braai: invite friends and family to a braai and ask them to prepare dishes from different South African cultures. Have naan bread or mealie bread, peri-peri chicken or snoek. Try a side of curried rice salad, and finish off with melktert or fried bananas and ice cream.

Basic Training

When it comes to raising pets and children, the same rules apply
Gareth Davies

Not to Be Sneezed At

Your child is wheezing and struggling to breathe. Is it an allergic reaction or an asthmatic attack?
Anél Lewis
An allergy is an abnormal immune reaction to an allergen, explains Prof Eugene Weinberg of the Allergy Diagnostic Unit at the University of Cape Town’s Lung Institute. If this reaction occurs in the nose or lungs, the body releases histamines and other chemicals, causing the mucous membranes to swell. This may lead to a runny nose and streaming, itchy eyes, and heavy bouts of sneezing. About one in five people in South Africa have an allergy of some kind, says Weinberg.
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