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Are Girls and Boys Wired Differently?

We investigate gender differences and their impact on learning and development
Glynis Horning
Canadian couple David Stocker and Kathy Witterick whipped up a storm this year when they declined to disclose the sex of their newborn baby. They announced that they are raising the neutrally, and appropriately, named Storm as “genderless” until the child is old enough to “choose” which gender he or she is most comfortable with, unfettered by “social norms”. But how much do social norms influence gender, and how much is hard-wired into a child by nature?

Madagascar Getaway

The Tedder family packed one bag each and set sail for a four-month cruise in Madagascan waters
Nadine Tedder
In these emails to family back home, Nadine describes what it’s like to “live the dream”…
June 2010
Ahoy there, from the large island of Madagascar – a Noah’s Ark adrift in the Indian Ocean – with pearly-white beaches, swaying coconut palms and an

Healing Smiles

About one in 700 children is born with a cleft lip or palate
Claire Rencken
It all started on June 12, 2008, when I had the 20-week scan where they check for anatomical irregularities. When the sonographer told us she had detected a cleft lip that “appeared to extend into the palate”, I felt as if someone had literally knocked the wind out of me. I was numb, as was my husband who, thankfully, was there with me holding my hand.

From Yuck to Yum

Child magazine speaks to UK food author, Annabel Karmel, about her advice for fussy eaters and child nutrition
Lucille Kemp
In an ideal world, you’d effortlessly rear your child to eat all food groups with a smile on their face. Then reality strikes, meal time is a battle of wills and soon, you give up the fight… Too soon, says Annabel Karmel, who shows you how you can get your fussy eater enjoying a wide range of foods, and experimenting with the new and even the exotic.

Little Musicians

Relishing the moments he gets to watch his daughters mastering their musical instruments
Paul Kerton

Teaching and Maintaining Values

Are we modelling the values we want our children to take with them into adulthood?
Elaine Eksteen

Clean Hands

Regular hand washing can prevent the spread of many infections, from the common cold to hepatitis A
Vanessa Papas
Children are especially curious about the world around them and use their hands to explore everything, often picking up germs that could cause diarrhoeal diseases and acute respiratory infections.

Parenting Together Apart

We chat to the experts about successful co-parenting and find out how a parenting plan can help you navigate raising your children with your ex
Child Magazine
Focus on the children. It seems like such a simple concept. But as any parent who has been through a relationship split will tell you, the reality is that in times of relationship conflict the focus is often taken off parenting as both adults try to deal with their own emotions, frustrations and disappointments. Beth*, a mother of three, has been divorced for six years. She describes the reality of those early months.

Keep Abreast of Your Health

Knowing the risks and early signs of breast cancer could save your life
Tamlyn Vincent
According to Cansa, the Cancer Association of South Africa, one in 29 women are likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer.

Car Park Snobs

One small fashion faux pas turned this mom into a school car park outcast
Anonymous Mom
Note to self: wear riding boots on the outside of my jeans when attending school functions. I have, unwittingly, committed a fashion faux pas and run foul of the Riding Boots Brigade again at my children’s school. My friend greets me with an apologetic grin as I get out of the car. “What were you thinking?” What indeed. I should know better than to leave my retail-store jeans on the outside of my boots.
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