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Tantrum Training

Tantrums, especially public ones, can cause embarrassment for parents. Here are tips for managing the strops and toy-out-of-cot episodes
Child Magazine
Admit it. Before you were a parent, you’d see someone else’s toddler having a tantrum and swear your child would never get away with behaviour like that! Fast forward a couple of years and it’s you in the cereal aisle, cringing with embarrassment as your own child thrashes around like a Great White in a feeding frenzy, complete with screaming and flailing of limbs, because you said no to the frosted cornflakes.

Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

Talking to our children about the birds and the bees can be daunting, but the more we are prepared for it, the easier it will be – for some
Christina Castle
I’d been preparing for this conversation since the day my children were born. I knew it was going to happen, but just didn’t know when. I had rehearsed it and perfected it. My speech was clear, concise, mature, nurturing, friendly and factual. It was my hope that my children would one day talk of this experience as an example of how to talk to your children confidently about sex. How then, did I manage to blow it so badly?
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