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eating right for mental stability

There appears to be compelling evidence that what you consume could affect your mental health.
Child magazine
According to The South African Depression and Anxiety Group, 1 in 3 people will experience mental illness in their lifetime and 23 people commit suicide every day.

financial fitness for parents-to-be

Entering the world of parenthood is a time of great joy and excitement, but it can also be a time of uncertainty and stress especially on the family’s finances. Here’s how to prepare financially for parenthood.
Child magazine
During pregnancy, expectant parents do a great deal of research into what to expect in the various trimesters, the birthing process and how to care for the baby. But, according to John Manyike, Head of Financial Education at Old Mutual “financial planning is seldom prioritised when preparing for a new addition to the family.

are you ready for potty time?

Getting toilet training right requires having impeccable timing and a great deal of patience.
Melanie Rosettenstein
I recently entered the world of potty training and boy, was I unprepared. Having successfully used the potty a few times, at 23 months my daughter was showing positive signs that she was ready to ditch her nappies. At 24 months, her baby brother arrived and the potty training was postponed while I had my hands full with the newborn. Fast forward a few months and I felt ready to tackle this critical milestone again.

tech toys - combining fun with function

Correct and supervised use of tablets can both educate and empower children
Jacqui Tooke
My five-year-old son’s face is alight with that wonderful mix of concentration and the joy of achieving. Matt is doing a puzzle on his tablet. Using one finger, he slides the puzzle pieces into place with great ease, showing that his mind can see exactly where the pieces should go. Matt has a rare genetic syndrome that results in global developmental delay with fine motor and speech difficulties. He enjoys doing real puzzles, but his hands often let him down.

play with your food

Looking for a way to encourage your children to eat healthy food? Let them play with their food. The creative ideas below are from Sam Scarborough's book Fun Foods: Healthy Meals for Kids.
Child magazine
Sandwich pictures


sow seeds of love, harvest family unity

It’s national Garden Day on Sunday 21 October. Get the family (and friends) together to celebrate the beauty of gardening. It’s a child-friendly and educational pastime, too.
Child magazine
There’s nothing quite like the joy of gardening! It’s a wonderful way for children to connect to nature, take pride in growing their own plants, flowers and food and, of course, there are amazing health benefits that go along with gardening.

The busyness of children

Anxiety is on the rise in parents and children. Is your child too busy to breathe?
Talya Ressel

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