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Building a Growth Mindset

ADvTECH shares three steps to help your child grow from failure
In today’s competitive environment, where some toddlers attend maths development classes and other youngsters are pushed to start reading fluently before they enter Grade 1, parents can be forgiven for being concerned about the future of children who show signs of struggling, academically or otherwise.

Play with your food

A selection of imaginative recipes from the new book Fun Foods: Healthy Meals for Kids
Sam Scarborough
Sandwich pictures
“Little fishes eat their dishes”… Get creative with this underwater fish scene.

Reading report cards

Figuring out what your child’s report card actually means can be more complicated than you think
Tamlyn Vincent
He tries hard. He has improved. He needs to stay focused. As report card comments go, these are probably pretty standard. But what do they mean? Does “tries hard” mean he’s trying, but not quite there? Or perhaps he puts in the effort, but he’ll never be a great musician. Or maybe it means that if he tries harder still, he will be. Deciphering report cards can sometimes be difficult, especially if they come with comments parents don’t want to hear.

Sensory intelligence

Children with sensory modulation difficulties find it trying to respond to the demands of the world
Samantha Page
At a party, there’s a young boy huddled in a corner with his hands covering his ears. While all the other five year olds are enjoying the upbeat birthday vibe, he is wondering how he landed in this colossal nightmare. The music is too loud; he has to sit on the prickly grass and watch a magic show and right now the only thing worse is having his face painted with weird-smelling paints.

10 ways to say ‘Thank you’

End-of-year gift ideas for your child’s teacher.
Tamlyn Vincent
Something for the classroom
A birthday reminder Create a birthday list for the classroom by screwing hooks into a small plank. Above each hook write, paint or decorate the plank with the name of the month. Then use small plastic disks, like you get for a key ring.

Diabetes in children

Preventative measures and early diagnosis can help reduce the risk of children developing diabetes.
Tamlyn Vincent
Diabetes is on the rise. Diabetes SA says that, according to the International Diabetes Federation and the World Health Organisation, a person dies from diabetes complications every six seconds. Every eight seconds, two people develop diabetes. Perhaps what is more frightening is that worldwide 200 children are becoming diabetic every day.

The gift of giving

When it comes to giving teachers a year-end gift, it really is the thought that counts
Camilla Rankin
The saying: “It’s the thought that counts” is by no means a novel concept, and yet somewhere in the pinging of WhatsApps and emails asking for year-end teacher gift contributions, real “thought” so often gets lost. And now research is showing that, for our children especially, losing the thought behind gift-giving is also a lost opportunity to develop essential life skills.

Life's a beach in Mauritius

One family wasn't sure what to expect from a Mauritius resort holiday, but now they can’t wait to go back
Nick Dall
Before my wife and I had children, we scoffed at the idea of mundane Mauritius and chose instead to holiday in exotic, edgy places like Bolivia, Vietnam and Peru. When our eldest daughter turned two we finally came to our senses and realised that real holidays should be all about sun, sea, sand and sleep.

November health focus

We highlight the health and awareness days in November
Marina Zietsman
3 November–3 December
National Disability Rights Awareness Month (DRAM)
The aim is to celebrate the release of the White Paper on the Rights of Persons with

Five tips for choosing toys

Your choice of toy can help your child develop, learn and grow, while having plenty of fun.
Tamlyn Vincent
When it comes to toys, the choices are endless. The types, cost and quality are as varied as the toys themselves, and most promise to educate, develop or help your child in some way. So how do you choose a toy? There are a few things you should consider.
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