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Help your child understand how their schoolwork fits into their ‘own life journey’

Some advice on how to help children see their school and the work they put in, for what it is; part of a bigger picture and not THE picture.
Dr Lieb Liebenberg
Recently, a parent complained to me about the fact that the school her kid is attending was taking itself way too seriously and putting enormous pressure on students. As a parent, it appeared to her that there was absolutely no coordination among same grade teachers in terms of assessment and assignment schedules, which resulted in extreme stress for students.

warming winter bowls of goodness

Easy-to-prepare tummy-pleasing soup recipes for busy parents. Extracts taken from Meals by Christine Capendale.
Child magazine
Roasted cauliflower and chickpea soup
Serves 4
These two nutritional superstars marry well.

making and evoking memories

A gem of a holiday resort, harking back to the glory days of this writer’s childhood
Catherine Pate
As a child, I grew up in KwaZulu-Natal and we spent many of our family holidays at the myriad of resorts dotted around the Drakensberg Mountains, the South Coast and, a bit further afield, the Wild Coast, or Transkei as it was known in those days.

dads, reading and reading aloud

This Father’s Day and every day, dads can get in on story time and create special memories that will last a lifetime
Child magazine
Dads are the people we look up to. They’re our role models, our heroes. So it’s little surprise that dads have a huge role to play when it comes to getting children, especially boys, to love reading.

beat the winter sniffles

Here’s how to up your chances of winning against colds and flu this winter
Child magazine
This is the time of year when cold and flu germs seem to lurk around every corner, ready to pounce. Both colds and flu are airborne viruses, but colds generally cause a runny nose, sore throat and sneezing, while the flu is more likely to affect the whole body, causing fever, aches and headaches. Both are spread when someone comes into contact with droplets from coughing or sneezing, or with saliva, says Johannesburg GP Dr Bibi Aysha Makda.

why is my child so disorganised and distractable?

Executive functioning deficits can make it difficult for children to organise and self-regulate
Samantha Page
Noah worked on his oral all weekend, but forgot to pack it in his school bag, so he got detention for lack of preparation. Mandisi mostly makes it out of bed on time, yet he’s late every morning because it takes him forever to brush his teeth, eat breakfast and pack his bag, and he’s easily distracted by a toy on the floor, so it’s a battle of wills with his parents to make sure all the necessary tasks are accomplished before they leave home.

holiday heaven in france

One brave mother takes her toddler across the seas for lazy summer days in the French countryside
Donna Cobban
A whole month in the South of France where my mother lives and, somewhere in the middle, I would fly to the North of France to visit my son’s father’s family. The fact that all the grandparents live in France is pure luck, but somewhat handy given the cost of international travel.

dealing with conflict and the strong-willed child

Learn to handle conflict, inspire empathy and recognise teachable moments in your home
Tamsyn Cornelius
Let’s face it, raising a strong-willed child has its challenges. Constantly butting heads with a mini version of yourself, may leave you feeling a little out of your depth and under strain. Take a seat. We’re here to help.

How to instil a love of books in your toddler

The building blocks that children need for language and literacy form in their first three years, and developing early literacy skills makes it easier for children to learn to read in school.
Nicole Rimensberger

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