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Edutainment: A proven methodology

Jessi Sunkel, from e² Young Engineers South Africa, discusses why it is essential to make learning fun.
When it comes to education every institution, expert, teacher and parent has been searching for the perfect formula to make learning easy and exciting. To make it something that students want to do, want to engage with and want to excel in. It makes sense.

Vaccination FAQs

Answers to your vaccination questions
New parents (and more experienced ones) all worry that they’re doing the right thing. Even when you think you know the answer, you may start to doubt your logic or reasoning. So when it comes to vaccinations, we get a lot of questions.

Healthiness (and happiness) in a box

Helpful lunchbox tips to deal with the challenge of packing a healthy lunchbox that appeals to your child
Child magazine
Mention lunchboxes around parents and you’re likely to hear a few sighs, some despairing groans and maybe some unexpected exclamations. You’re also likely to spark a lively session of tip-swapping as moms and dads share what works for their children and what doesn’t.

One-on-one with Julia Donaldson

Julia Donaldson explains how a visit to South Africa inspired her latest book
Amy Mac Iver
Scottish writer and playwright, Julia Donaldson, author of the popular and best-selling children’s book The Gruffalo, is also a performer and the 2011–2013 Children’s Laureate. The idea for her latest book, The Ugly Five, came to her while on safari in the North West Province.

Open day 101

When making a choice that will shape your child’s future, asking the right questions is crucial
Tamlyn Vincent
From the moment your children are born, maybe even before, you’ll be wondering where to send them to school. From preschool to high school, visiting early is a good idea. “Many schools have long waiting lists or give preference to siblings and old boys’ or girls’ children,” says Parklands College in Cape Town, so applying sooner is better. This keeps your options open, even if it means paying a registration fee.

Plain sailing

Want to unplug your screen-addicted child? Plan a cruise holiday, says Flight Centre.
What topped your children’s holiday wish list this past holiday? Chances are it has a screen, is linked to social media, or is a game of sorts.

Help! My child is struggling

Step Up Education Centres offers some tips for helping children who are struggling at the beginning of the school year
The December holidays seem like a distant memory and early morning school runs, homework and sport have become the focus of thousands of families across South Africa. Teachers and learners are settled into the school routines and, as with each new year, parents have expectations and hopes of academic success.

Pregnancy Fact Sheet

Physical and emotional discomfort can be common in pregnancy. Life Healthcare offers some guidance.
As you go through the various stages of your pregnancy, it is quite natural to experience physical and emotional discomforts and find yourself thinking about issues you’ve never thought about before. Regardless of what is on your mind, know that your midwife/GP/obstetrician and antenatal teacher are all there to help and support you before and after your baby is born. Don’t hesitate to talk to them.

Romantic outings in and around Pretoria

Charming ways to spend quality time with your partner
Rest and relaxation
Take some time out to visit Mountain Sanctuary Park in Magaliesberg. Whether you’re visiting for the day, or spending the weekend in one of the log cabins, chalets or cosy huts, the tranquil setting provides the perfect opportunity to relax.

Romantic outings in and around Durban

Charming ways to spend quality time with your partner
The air up there
See the world pass slowly beneath you with Sky Adventures as you take off in a hot-air balloon and travel along the base of the Drakensberg mountains, or glide above a game park to spot giraffe and rhino.
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