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Great places to holiday with your family, most within driving distance of your city. (resource category)

Take your kids out of the classroom and into the world with these 5 travel ideas

Replace the iPad with a passport this year. There’s no better way for your kids to learn about the world than experiencing it with all their senses engaged.

An international trip with the family is a great investment, explains Trafalgar MD, Theresa Szejwallo. “It’s an opportunity for quality bonding time, whilst learning about new cultures and enjoying a whole new set of hands-on activities together”.

Life’s Pleasure in Provence

It was a dream come true for photographer Rachael Hale McKenna and her family who lived in the southeast of France for five years.
Rachael Hale McKenna & Peter Mayle
Provence is still beautiful. Vast areas of it are still wild and empty. Peace and silence, which have become endangered commodities in the modern world, are still available. The old men still play their endless games of boules. The markets are as colourful and abundant as ever. There is room to breathe, and the air is clean.

Car Safety: Protecting our Precious Cargo

We can’t afford to be blasé about our children’s safety in our cars
Marina Zietsman
Accidents are measured in statistics. During and after every school holiday newsreaders share these figures with us, and we grimly compare the latest death toll to the previous years’ – is it up or down? If someone we love is not part of the statistics, the figures are soon forgotten.

Bali – island of the gods

There’s plenty for the whole family to enjoy in beautiful Bali
Lisa Mc Namara
Those in the know don’t recommend visiting Bali in January – it’s hot and humid, it rains and many Asians and Australians are on holiday, so resorts and beaches can be crowded. However, I was invited to attend a work function in Nusa Dua, South Bali and managed to convince my husband and youngest that a three-day visit to a country we had never been to would be worth the very long flight.

Escape to Nature

Wide-open spaces, abundant wildlife and exciting outdoor activities — we recommend a few of the best national parks to visit for a family holiday
Child Magazine

Growing Nature-Lovers

Our children are becoming increasingly disconnected from nature as they spend less time outdoors. We give you tips on changing this – and why it’s so important
Child Magazine
The most random outdoor encounters we have as children – like licking a stone – are filed away in our brains, and add to our sensory catalogue. This is exactly why children are supposed to connect with nature and, in the most random, unstructured ways, engage all five senses.

Camp Food

Some easy and out-of-the-ordinary dishes to feed the family post the day’s outdoor adventures
Marina Zietsman
Braai chips
Spray a decent piece of heavy-duty tin foil with non-stick spray. Cut peeled potatoes into strips and give them a squirt of non-stick spray. Place the chips in the foil, sprinkle with your favourite herbs or seasoning, close the foil and roast the chips over the fire for about 45 minutes. You can do the same with vegetables.

Family-friendly Festivals

Have a ball at some of South Africa’s most exciting, intriguing and unusual festivals – that will be fun for you and the children
Chareen Boake
Albertinia Aloe Festival
Situated between the beautiful Langeberg Mountains and the Indian Ocean, Albertinia is South Africa’s foremost producer of aloe products. To celebrate this natural resource, the little town comes alive with a weekend of festivities that include wine tasting, a potjiekos competition, music, adventure sports and lots more local and lekker fun.

Happy Campers

Tips for the family of rookie campers on surviving a weekend in the great outdoors
Marina Zietsman
Under Canvas
ready steady When choosing a family tent, opt for either a cabin-style or a dome-style model. Cabin-style tents offer easy access and the vertical walls create bigger living spaces. Some cabin-style tents have extra awnings, which can be used as “room dividers”.

Campfire Safety

Cooking around a campfire is a fun part of a weekend in the great outdoors… here’s how to keep it safe
Marina Zietsman
  • Only make a fire in a designated area such as a fire pit, cement braai or steel drum. Never make a fire close to the tent or close to dry bushes, shrubbery or low hanging branches.
  • Clear the area (about a one-and-a-half metre radius) around the fire from anything that might ignite, such as twigs.
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