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Working From Home Moms

Starting a small business from home is not as daunting as it seems. Many mothers are going it alone so they can spend more time with their children
Cindy Moritz
Caryn Myers is a lawyer who spent eight years working at a law firm. The hours were long and pressure was commonplace. Her health took a backseat and there was hardly a good balance between work and personal life. A year after she got married, Caryn took another plunge: to set up a home office and go it alone.
Many moms like Caryn work from home.

Mindful Parenting

How to be more present in your and your child’s life.
Carmel Murugen
Mindfulness practice is being increasingly touted by science and psychology for its benefits to your health and mental wellbeing. Mindful parenting refers to being in tune with your inner state, watching yourself when something happens that would normally upset you, and being intentional about modifying your words and behaviour when responding to your child. It’s about cultivating the ability to be fully present in the moment.

Social media, the dangers and the law

The world of social media can hold many dangers for naïve children as well as legal implications. Here’s what you need to know to protect your child.
Diana Schwarz
Would you drop off your child at the park and leave them unattended for a few hours?

Crunch Time

The stress of exams can affect the whole family, here’s how to manage it so everyone stays calm and focused.
Talya Ressel
As we enter the home stretch for the students of 2019, there is often an increase in anxiety, which affects not just the children, but also their parents and the family surrounding them. Exam time is one of those times where some anxiety is to be expected, given the emphasis placed on exams, especially the matric exams. But, what about those who aren’t actually writing the exams, yet are still feeling the pressure and its effects?

dealing with conflict and the strong-willed child

Learn to handle conflict, inspire empathy and recognise teachable moments in your home
Tamsyn Cornelius
Let’s face it, raising a strong-willed child has its challenges. Constantly butting heads with a mini version of yourself, may leave you feeling a little out of your depth and under strain. Take a seat. We’re here to help.


Is your child paralysed by perfection? Here’s what’s really going on and how you can help her.
Linda Stade
It’s Sunday night, bed time. Your daughter is upset about the assignment for English due the next day. She’s had a week to do it and you’ve seen her sitting at her desk writing and making notes. She has spent hours at it, so you assumed she’d finished. It turns out she hasn’t started. Well, she has. Several times. But each start she made, she deleted.

safe at home

A dad and his 10-year-old daughter have differing thoughts on sleepovers.
Patrick and JL Hempfing
Jessie is a blessed girl. In her young life, she’s already had many wonderful experiences. She’s been to the beach, the zoo, and even to Disney World. She takes dance classes and plays a musical instrument. She has many friends and spends quality time with her grandparents and her uncle, aunt, and favourite four-year-old cousin. She even gets to use more than her fair share of hot water to take the long showers she finds so relaxing and conducive for singing.

the glow of happiness

The true measure of success is happiness - yours and your family's.
Lucille Kemp
After a year of chasing your tail, it’s time to ponder what you did right and what you might have done differently. I think life starts to get better for most of us when we realise that quality of life does not centre wholly on achieving the dream of a nice home, job title, goal weight or the perfect child … rather, it’s about achieving happiness.

the pros and cons of gaming in the digital world

To keep our children safe in the virtual playgrounds where they now play, we need to know as much as we can about the online activities they’re engaged in
Anél Lewis
My son, aged six, is obsessed with Minecraft. When he’s not playing the game, he’s talking about zombies and “mods” he wants to work/explore. We were naturally concerned about his over-enthusiasm for this online game that involved portals and pickaxes. So, we decided to find out more. I downloaded a few cheat sheets and ventured into the modular world that held my son transfixed.

Table Talk

Eating and sharing together around the dinner table helps children develop vital life skills.

My friend announced: “Everything I know about business, I learnt at the family dinner table.” I was impressed since she hasn’t any formal education in this area. Her answer made me think that perhaps as parents we may focus too much on what is learnt in formal education and overlook just how much is actually learnt through the simple tradition of eating together as a family. Eating regular family meals together is where so much learning and family relationship building happens.

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