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beat the winter sniffles

Here’s how to up your chances of winning against colds and flu this winter
Child magazine
This is the time of year when cold and flu germs seem to lurk around every corner, ready to pounce. Both colds and flu are airborne viruses, but colds generally cause a runny nose, sore throat and sneezing, while the flu is more likely to affect the whole body, causing fever, aches and headaches. Both are spread when someone comes into contact with droplets from coughing or sneezing, or with saliva, says Johannesburg GP Dr Bibi Aysha Makda.

Pregnancy: Bust the Backache

Pain in the lower back is common during pregnancy, here's how to find relief.
Robyn Krause & Caitlyn de Beer
Suffering from backache during pregnancy is not surprising – the causes range from your body’s hormonal changes to your baby’s weight and position in the womb. But, did you know that by simply engaging a few muscles and being more aware of your core, you can alleviate the majority of lower back pain during pregnancy?

Vaccination FAQs

Answers to your vaccination questions
New parents (and more experienced ones) all worry that they’re doing the right thing. Even when you think you know the answer, you may start to doubt your logic or reasoning. So when it comes to vaccinations, we get a lot of questions.

Pregnancy Fact Sheet

Physical and emotional discomfort can be common in pregnancy. Life Healthcare offers some guidance.
As you go through the various stages of your pregnancy, it is quite natural to experience physical and emotional discomforts and find yourself thinking about issues you’ve never thought about before. Regardless of what is on your mind, know that your midwife/GP/obstetrician and antenatal teacher are all there to help and support you before and after your baby is born. Don’t hesitate to talk to them.

The secret to surviving a summer pregnancy

Child Mag finds out which treatments are safe and will make your body feel its best
Sailing through a summer pregnancy is a breeze with our handy hints and plenty of pampering. 

Weaning 101

COLLAB weaning is a collaborative effort between healthcare professionals, the parent and the baby.
The start of your baby’s weaning journey will have significant implications for their health and their emotional development, as well as playing a role in preventing feeding disorders. Science tells us that the first 1 001 days (pregnancy to two years of age) have a dramatic impact not only on your child’s whole life but on the next generation as well. This is true for brain development – a baby needs to be stimulated.

When the craving strikes

The insatiable urge for certain types of food is one of pregnancy’s odder side-effects
Bridget Pringle
Pregnancy is all those things that make a greeting-card writer’s heart beat faster - the wondrous creation of a new life, a magical rite of female passage. But, you’ve got to admit, it can also be pretty weird. First, there’s the rather insane concept that another person is growing in your body. Then there are the leg cramps that hit in the middle of the night. And the sudden development of a super-powered sense of smell.

Breast definitely best for SA women

A snapshot survey conducted by Philips Avent shows that an overwhelmingly high number of local moms opt to breastfeed their babies
A snapshot survey conducted by Philips Avent shows that an overwhelmingly high number of local moms opt to breastfeed their babies.

Baby moves

The first motor milestones in a child’s development, explained by an occupational therapist
Rachel Carey
It’s a funny thing, being a parent. Without intending to at all, you enter a world of comparisons and competition, of measuring progress and chasing developmental targets. And it happens against all your best intentions.

Some Answers to your Burning Questions

Burns can happen quickly! Taking preventative measures can help, but you should also know how to treat burn injuries
Winter may be a good time for us to gather round the fire with a mug of tea or hot chocolate, but it’s a scary time for healthcare practitioners who find an increasing number of children coming in to be treated for burns.
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