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If you can't beat them, join them
Anél Lewis
Conor came home a few months ago, bemoaning the fact that he does not have a six-pack. Now in our home, unless we are talking about what multi-pack refreshment we need to go with the Sunday braai, “six-pack” is not a term that is often bandied about. A few weeks later, I heard one of his classmates also talking about this all-important six-pack while they were playing outside before school.

sow seeds of love, harvest family unity

It’s national Garden Day on Sunday 21 October. Get the family (and friends) together to celebrate the beauty of gardening. It’s a child-friendly and educational pastime, too.
Child magazine
There’s nothing quite like the joy of gardening! It’s a wonderful way for children to connect to nature, take pride in growing their own plants, flowers and food and, of course, there are amazing health benefits that go along with gardening.

Make Maths marvellous at home this holiday

Make maths fun at home with these simple ideas from Step Up Education Centres
School’s out! You’ve received your child’s report and their maths result has either left you dancing for joy or frustrated and concerned!

Nine Ecofriendly Projects to do at Home

All you need is some household junk and lots of imagination to create these fun projects
Chareen Boake
Eggshell Herb People
What you need: empty eggshells, with the tops removed; egg box; koki pens; potting soil; seeds such as watercress or wheatgrass
What to do: Carefully remove the tops and inside from the hard-boiled eggs, leaving an opening big enough to spoon the soil into t

10 ways to say ‘Thank you’

End-of-year gift ideas for your child’s teacher.
Tamlyn Vincent
Something for the classroom
A birthday reminder Create a birthday list for the classroom by screwing hooks into a small plank. Above each hook write, paint or decorate the plank with the name of the month. Then use small plastic disks, like you get for a key ring.

It's playtime

Children thrive when they play with toys, and we've compiled a list of winners on the toy scene
Child magazine

Toys are more than just fun and games. They provide children with an opportunity to learn and explore the world. There is something for everyone, from high-tech toys and gadgets that teach a multitude of skills, to the nostalgic toys of our youth that are making a comeback.


For ages 0-2

For the mind

Upcycling projects

Teaching children to recycle is good for the planet, but it can also be good for their bank balance.
Tamlyn Vincent
With so much waste in the world around us, teaching children about the value of recycling is essential. Most of what we throw away is recyclable, from tin cans and plastic bottles, to bags, magazines and cereal boxes. If we teach our children to sort and throw away responsibly, we’re helping to reduce the amount of rubbish in landfills as well as water and air pollution.

Explore and learn

Little Professors says these fun experiments are perfect for doing with your children at home.
Babies and toddlers learn about the world by forming questions and experimenting to find the answers. Have you seen a baby or toddler drop food from their high chair and look over the edge to see what happened? Science is all around us and children are natural born scientists.

Out in the cold

Getting outside in winter is not only fun, it keeps us healthy.
Tamlyn Vincent
Getting outside in winter is just as important as it is in summer. Maybe even more so. Playing outside can also help keep your family fit and healthy during the winter months: it gives you the chance to exercise, having a daily dose of winter sun can help boost your Vitamin D, and outdoor play can help you keep up your child’s gross motor development.

Gifts from the heart

If your children want to make someone feel special this Valentine’s Day, help them make a gift from the heart.
Tamlyn Vincent
Receiving a Valentine’s gift is always exciting, especially when you’re young. It may be from a friend, or a girl or boy who just wants to say hello, and maybe your child wants to make someone feel special on that day. Help them make something sweet, so they can share a bit of love and happiness.
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