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Safety tips for pregnant drivers
Many pregnant women believe a seatbelt and airbags can cause more harm than good to them in an accident. Car safety for unborn children still needs more research because foetal injury and death are rarely part of statistics, but Swedish car manufacturer Volvo has developed a virtual crash test dummy called Linda, which is of average size and approximately “36 weeks pregnant”. Linda simulates how a pregnant woman moves in a crash and how the foetus moves inside her.

Car Safety: Protecting our Precious Cargo

We can’t afford to be blasé about our children’s safety in our cars
Accidents are measured in statistics. During and after every school holiday newsreaders share these figures with us, and we grimly compare the latest death toll to the previous years’ – is it up or down? If someone we love is not part of the statistics, the figures are soon forgotten.

Family Cars

Here’s a list of some of the best family vehicles to choose from if you’re in the market to buy something new
Chrysler Grand Voyager
What it offers
The vehicle is a 7-seater with brilliant versatility. The seats stow into the floor (the middle-row seats are manual, the third-row seats are stowed at the push of a button) – so if you’re looking for loads of space, this vehicle is a great choice.

Choose the Right Family Car

Three motor industry dads tell us what to consider when shopping for a family car
Albert Pretorius
Dealer Principal for Jaguar, Land Rover and Volvo in Cape Town
I find that the biggest mistake made when buying a family car is that the dad makes the decision and does not get the family involved at all. For children, the car must be cool. You need to get them involved when you buy. You will be sorry if you don’t.
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