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creating mindfulness

Newly-released reads about creating mindfulness, understanding emotion and building self-esteem
Mindfulness for Children
This inspirational and timely guide is about how mindfulness helps children, why it’s becoming more popular and how to do it.

Warm Choc-chip Cookie with Peanut-butter Ice-cream

Chef Jenny Ward of CHEFS Cape Town offers her easy, mouth-watering recipe for a warm choc-chip cookie served with peanut-butter ice-cream
World Chocolate Day is celebrated on 7 July! And while eating chocolate requires no excuse, a whole day of it certainly is a big treat! 7 July marks the date – why not celebrate by indulging in all your favourite chocolatey treats! Start by baking this scrumptious choc-chic cookie, you can thank us later.

Migraines in children

Many adults who suffer from migraines can tell the difference between a severe headache and a true migraine.

But when your child complains his head is pounding, how do you know if it's a migraine? Since medications for migraine are more potent than common headache remedies, it's important to tell the difference.

According to the Children's Hospital in Richmond, Vancouver, to be migraine, a child must have recurrent headaches or other neurological symptoms separated by symptom-free intervals and at least three of the following:

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